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Since 1979

About AA Anchor Bolt

AA Anchor Bolt, Inc. is a family-operated business since 1979, founded with a motto that states, “Impossibilities we do immediately. Miracles take a little longer.”

Our sales staff has over 80 years combined knowledge in the construction and fastener industries. We manufacture a multitude of quality products, including anchor bolts, custom fasteners and threaded products. We carry a wide-range of products within our in-house facility and can create custom orders for the demand of our customers.

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Our Products

We manufacture a variety of quality products in-house, including anchor bolts, custom fasteners, and threaded products. We also have a steady inventory of products within our facility and have the ability to create custom orders based on demand.

F1554 Anchor Bolt

F1554 covers anchor bolts designed to anchor structural supports to concrete foundations.


U Bolts are designed to fix an item to a box section structure or trunking, or used for clamping square or round items.

All Threaded Rods

Rods that are continuously threaded from one end to the other. Often referred to as fully threaded rods, redi rod, TFL rod.

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